“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

Level I

This level is meant to offer guidance to pupils and high school students in making appropriate career choices based on the subject selection. The main activities include organizing for seminars, open barazas, debates, talk shows and presentations

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Level II

For college students and graduates. The main activities include guiding students and graduates in crafting compelling CV/resumes at any point in their career continuum in order to make recruiters give extra attention and call candidates for.

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Level III

For young career professionals. The main activities include provision of a platform via the portal in the website to enable young professionals network and share their experiences, post job opportunities, enroll volunteers to connect with mentees

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Michelle Boit Mentorship Program

Michelle Boit Mentorship is program designed and intended to provide opportunities and empower students, graduates and young professionals in leadership development, offer peer-mentorship and provide avenues for networking. The program does this by collaborating students with mentors from diverse industries and professions to achieve their academic and career goals, connecting graduates and young professionals with experienced professionals in order to gain valuable experience and advice; equipping young graduates with job hunting skills and techniques, providing a platform for job listing, offering scholarship opportunities. In so doing, the program hopes to provide a support network that enhances personal and professional growth for students and young graduates and professionals who desire to avail themselves of this opportunity.

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